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What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique?

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique?

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set UniqueThe Koi Scrub Line

Scrubs have seen great use in the field of health and medicine. People working as nurses, orderlies and even physicians have all worn scrubs. They are designed mainly to be utilitarian in nature as they can be easily cleaned or replaced when stained.

While the original design of scrubs was for the operating room, they have now found use outside the hospital. People working in health and wellness fields such as therapists, assisted-living service providers and many others now wear scrubs for their comfort and ease to maintain.

In these lines of work however, people work outside medical establishments as well as move around in public areas. Some of them also require social interaction. This creates a demand for more presentable and fashionable scrubs.

While generic and ordinary scrubs can look drab and boring, Koi scrubs have created a line that is trendy and fashionable while being comfortable to wear. From cool patterns, to a better fit, Koi takes to heart the need of more people to look good while wearing scrubs.

What’s so Special about it?

Koi recognizes that scrubs have found use outside the operating room and the hospital. Therapists, nurses and other people have made use of scrubs in their activities. What’s unique about this product is that it balances form with function. It gives a fashionable and trendy product that you can use comfortably at all times.What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique Fashion

A Koi Scrub Set features the following:

  • Fashion – most generic scrubs are created only for function. They serve to be just uniforms one wears whenever they’re at work. Koi scrubs elevate scrub use through trendy prints, patterns and solid colors. They’ve deliberately moved away from the drab look of ordinary scrubs to give a vibrant and exciting look to the line.
  • Fit – the fit of the usual scrubs is straight and boxy. While this is okay for hospital wear, it can be unflattering for use in other activities. Koi scrub sets offer a better fit for the body. It enhances the natural contours of the body for an overall slimming effect.
  • Versatility – Koi scrubs are designed to be used and also to be seen. Because of its trendiness, it can be worn outdoors for different uses. From the tops to the pants, these scrub sets won’t just be worn inside clinics. People working in wellness centers such as the spa or physical therapists and assisted living specialists taking patients outdoors for exercise can all wear Koi scrubs and feel good while wearing them.

Where to Get Them

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique Official Koi WebsiteYou can buy Koi scrubs online at their website You can also find some Koi retailers online but always make sure that these are accredited Koi retailers. Other online store shops specifically for Nurses or Health Care practitioners may also carry Koi scrubs.

You do have to be careful with purchasing on auction sites or online classifieds as these can be counterfeit or knock-offs of Koi scrubs. Check the official Koi website for a guide on how to spot fake items. With the genuine item, you can be sure your scrubs will last longer and give you that better feel for your work.


Does Koi Scrubs Warehouse Only Sell Koi Products?

Does Koi Scrubs Warehouse Only Sell Koi Products?

Koi scrubs warehouseAs stated in their official website, The Koi Warehouse, or Koi Scrubs Warehouse to some, is not associated with Koi Happiness in any way. But it is an authorized dealer of Koi, so when you visit the site, expect to find that 99% of the products are Koi scrubs.

As for the remaining 1%, The Koi Warehouse has also partnered with brands such as Cherokee, Ecko, and other companies to distribute some of their pants and accessories.

Below is a list of some of the non-Koi products that you can find at Koi Warehouse.

  • BP cuffs
  • jewelry
  • lanyards
  • med tools
  • retractables
  • stethoscopes
  • watches
  • shoes
  • insulated tote bags
  • scrub pants

Below is a list of non-Koi brands that Koi Warehouse distributes.

  • Prestige Medical Premium
  • Cherokee
  • BooJee
  • Nursemates
  • Ecko

How does Koi Scrubs Warehouse compare with the other dealers of Koi scrub tops and pants?

As far as price and variety of scrubs are concerned, you might think that Koi Warehouse trumps all dealers. But if you look at their catalogue and rates, you’ll discover that the store is just like any other online dealers out there. Some tops that are available at Uniform Advantage or All Heart are not found at Koi Warehouse, and the reverse is also true. As for the price, one top can cost more at Uniform Advantage but it can cost less at All Heart.

But though many pants at Koi Warehouse’s catalogue are from Ecko, you’ll see styles of Koi pants that are not found anywhere else. Among these styles include the following:

  • Gisele Capri Pants
  • Gwen “Limited Edition” Capri Pants
  • Marissa Notched Waist Low Rise Pants

These are currently sold at a closeout price of less than $7. So if you want a pair of fashionable scrub pants, now is your chance to make a purchase.

Aside from that, Koi Warehouse offers the most number of promos and sale offers compared to other dealers of Koi products. While you can’t deny that Uniform Advantage and All Heart have competitive pricing especially when they put Koi products on a clearance sale, Koi Scrubs Warehouse still reign supreme when it comes to discounts and promos.

Koi scrubs warehouse - Koi Warehouse PromosFor instance, if you check out their website right now, you’ll see at least three types of promos.

  • Free Scrub Pants or Scrub Top
  • 40% Off on Most Clearance Items
  • Clearance as Low As 12.95

So far, Koi Warehouse is the only dealer that offers a pair of free scrub pants or scrub top. If your purchase reaches a total amount of $149, you’ll get a free insulated tote bag or a free top.

Koi Warehouse also sells gift certificates. So if your nurse friend is celebrating his birthday in a few days, what is a better gift than a nice pair of scrub pants or top. But if you don’t know his / her style, why not give him a Koi Warehouse gift certificate? The certificate comes in nine denominations, from $5 to $200.


Where to Buy Mens Koi Scrubs

Where to Buy Mens Koi Scrubs

mens koi scrubsKoi is known for its innovative scrub lines for women. But recently, the company has expanded its operations to include exciting designs that men will also love. Just the same, these mens Koi scrubs stay true to the company’s promise of excellent styling, and well-tailored comfort and fit.

The first collection of Koi’s scrubs for men is consist of 10 pairs of scrub pants and scrub tops. These pairs are named and divided into Jason (for the top) and James (for the pants). But unlike Koi’s line of scrubs for women, these scrubs for men don’t have fancy designs and colors. As a matter of fact, the company has decided to stick to five basic colors:

  • black
  • royal blue
  • espresso
  • navy
  • steel

Though this is the case, you can tell that these scrubs are sartorially perfect.

Koi’s scrubs for men have two distinct features. For the pants, the drawstring type is very obvious. They also have a cargo design, so expect to find 4 pockets: 2 on the sides, and 2 on the thigh area. For the tops, they feature a v-neck (or from the words of Koi, Henley neck) design.

The fabric is made from a combination of polyester and cotton.

Where can you get these scrubs?

These uniforms can be purchased anytime at both Koi’s official online dealers and local retailers. Some of the local retailers to check out include:

  • Life Uniform
  • Scrubs N More
  • Comfort Wear Outlet
  • Citywide Uniforms
  • Scrubs Unlimited
  • SP Uniforms
  • Prowear Plus
  • Murse World
  • Hollywood Uniform Company
  • Glamour Uniforms
  • Ace Uniforms
  • Cal Uniforms

If you have difficulty locating a local dealer near you, you can head over to Koi’s website and use their Store Locator function. Simply type in your zip code and a roster of dealers will be shown after the page refreshes.

Some of the dealers online include the following:

  • The Koi Warehose
  • Scrubs N Duds
  • Life Uniform
  • My Scrub Place
  • Murse World
  • All Heart
  • Scrubs & Beyond
  • Parkway Scrubs
  • Scrub Shopper
  • AceScrubs
  • Best Uniform
  • Care Wear Scrubs
  • Apparel Pro
  • Uniform Advantage

Below is a list of dealers that ship internationally or are based in other countries.

  • Masterin (Poland)
  • HappyThreads (Ireland and UK)
  • The Uniform Shop (Canada)
  • Daily Scrubs (Canada)

mens koi scrubs - murseworldA pair of Koi pants for men costs more than $30, and a top is priced at more than $25 by some dealers. If this is expensive for you, know that it is possible to purchase these scrubs from Koi Happiness at a lower price. As a matter of fact, you can get $10 off from a pair of James pants if you know where to look. At, some of their James pants are on a clearance sale. It means that you do not have to look for a coupon code to get a massive discount from them.



Where To Find Coupon Codes for a Koi Lab Coat

Where To Find Coupon Codes for a Koi Lab Coat

koi lab coatKoi lab coats are stylish and functional. But even though they are reasonably priced — with a price tag that starts at $30 — many people still long for discounts. If you are one of these people, you might want to know where to get free coupons for your next purchase of a Koi lab coat.

But here is a slight problem. Though Koi Happiness has an official website that you can visit anytime, the problem is, coupon codes at the site are a very rare sight. This does not mean, however, that Koi coupons do not exist. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of them, and you can find them in sites offering deals, promos, and coupons.

Here are some of these sites.


What kinds of coupons are offered on these sites?

The most common is a discount code, either on a percentage basis or one that specifies a certain amount. Here are some examples.

  • Save 20% Off
  • Up to 25$ Off
  • $7 Off
  • $5 Off
  • $5.00 Off Purchase $50.00 Or Less
  • $15.00 Off Purchase Of $50.00 Or More
  • $8 Off Lab Coats & Jackets

These codes can be used exclusively at a partner e-commerce site, or it can be redeemed at any online store. To do that, simply type in the code in the designated box at the checkout section. This code is usually alphanumeric and sometimes readable such as SUMMER13, WCJMYCP2, FIREWORKS, and NURSEPROMO. If the code is valid, you will see that the price is automatically discounted.

Here are the top stores that offer the best discounts for Koi lab coats, jackets, and other products.

  • Scrubs & Beyond
  • Uniform City
  • Lydia’s
  • Life Uniform

Sometimes, you do not need coupons to get a discount. Most (if not all) accredited Koi uniform dealers and retailers offer discounts and put their products on sale from time to time.

For instance, at, two lab coats for women are currently on a clearance sale. These are the Valerie belted sleeve lab coat and the Michaela foldable cuff lab coat. They originally cost more than $40, but because they are on sale, you can get them for only around $15.

Another way of getting a discount or a promo code is by joining a dealer’s newsletter. For instance, over at Scrub Shopper, just by entering a valid e-mail address will get you a 10% discount on a Koi lab coat or any of the items included in their product catalog. It is that simple. Of course, in return, you will receive promos, emails, and periodic mailers from the site.

koi lab coat couponsAnother way is to watch out for a period when Koi Happiness announces a sale season. For instance, just a few days ago, the company set up a Warehouse Sale to help fund a non-profit organization called ‘A Window Between Worlds.’


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