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What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique?

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique?

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set UniqueThe Koi Scrub Line

Scrubs have seen great use in the field of health and medicine. People working as nurses, orderlies and even physicians have all worn scrubs. They are designed mainly to be utilitarian in nature as they can be easily cleaned or replaced when stained.

While the original design of scrubs was for the operating room, they have now found use outside the hospital. People working in health and wellness fields such as therapists, assisted-living service providers and many others now wear scrubs for their comfort and ease to maintain.

In these lines of work however, people work outside medical establishments as well as move around in public areas. Some of them also require social interaction. This creates a demand for more presentable and fashionable scrubs.

While generic and ordinary scrubs can look drab and boring, Koi scrubs have created a line that is trendy and fashionable while being comfortable to wear. From cool patterns, to a better fit, Koi takes to heart the need of more people to look good while wearing scrubs.

What’s so Special about it?

Koi recognizes that scrubs have found use outside the operating room and the hospital. Therapists, nurses and other people have made use of scrubs in their activities. What’s unique about this product is that it balances form with function. It gives a fashionable and trendy product that you can use comfortably at all times.What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique Fashion

A Koi Scrub Set features the following:

  • Fashion – most generic scrubs are created only for function. They serve to be just uniforms one wears whenever they’re at work. Koi scrubs elevate scrub use through trendy prints, patterns and solid colors. They’ve deliberately moved away from the drab look of ordinary scrubs to give a vibrant and exciting look to the line.
  • Fit – the fit of the usual scrubs is straight and boxy. While this is okay for hospital wear, it can be unflattering for use in other activities. Koi scrub sets offer a better fit for the body. It enhances the natural contours of the body for an overall slimming effect.
  • Versatility – Koi scrubs are designed to be used and also to be seen. Because of its trendiness, it can be worn outdoors for different uses. From the tops to the pants, these scrub sets won’t just be worn inside clinics. People working in wellness centers such as the spa or physical therapists and assisted living specialists taking patients outdoors for exercise can all wear Koi scrubs and feel good while wearing them.

Where to Get Them

What Makes A Koi Scrub Set Unique Official Koi WebsiteYou can buy Koi scrubs online at their website You can also find some Koi retailers online but always make sure that these are accredited Koi retailers. Other online store shops specifically for Nurses or Health Care practitioners may also carry Koi scrubs.

You do have to be careful with purchasing on auction sites or online classifieds as these can be counterfeit or knock-offs of Koi scrubs. Check the official Koi website for a guide on how to spot fake items. With the genuine item, you can be sure your scrubs will last longer and give you that better feel for your work.


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